Neighborhoods that people seek out offer a variety of building types, housing options, transportation choices, and dynamic public spaces. Planning and designing complete communities promotes equity, sustainability, economic resilience, and social connections leading to an enhanced quality of life.

Comprehensive Plans

Comprehensive plans, created through community engagement, set a vision forward and establish goals, policies, and action items to achieve that vision.

  • Land Use
  • Scenario Development
  • Smart Growth

Master Planning

Master Planning looks at a defined area and shows how it could evolve over time. Master plans include street networks, buildings, blocks and lots, and public spaces.

  • Neighborhoods
  • Corridors
  • Campuses
  • Highway Removal
  • Zoning


Vibrant, traditional neighborhoods are pedestrian-friendly communities with daily necessities located within walking or biking distance. Walkable neighborhoods promote health, wellness, and community connections.

  • Urban Design
  • Street Design
  • Suburban Retrofits
  • Urban Infill


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