Higher Education

We partner with higher education clients to design academic, science/technology and student life spaces that enhance the user experience and aid in recruitment. We have significant experience in designing laboratories, learning environments, student housing, and facilities for arts & media, healthcare education, dining, and sports & recreation; facilities and spaces that improve the quality of campus and student life.

Academic Buildings

We design quality teaching and learning environments. Our portfolio of academic buildings includes classrooms, lecture halls, music, visual, and performing arts spaces, libraries and maker spaces. Our designs reflect today’s requirements for technology, flexibility, interaction, innovation, and inspiration in higher education.

  • Learning Environments 
  • Arts & Media
  • Library

Science + Technology

Our higher education experts design science and technology spaces and laboratories that prepare students for technical careers in healthcare, research, and skilled trades. Our portfolio includes teaching, research and specialized labs, nursing and simulation labs, manufacturing and technology facilities for workforce development, advanced manufacturing, food manufacturing and packaging facilities.

  • Laboratories
  • Health Science
  • Manufacturing & Technology

Student Life

Student life plays an important role in the selection process for most new college students. We design living-learning environments such as student housing, dining halls, student unions and sports/recreation facilities that support personal growth, relationship-building, and academic success.

  • Student Housing
  • Student Union
  • Sports/Recreation

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Higher Education Market Contact

Steven Fernaays, AIA