Clinton Ave Revitalization Named Community Impact of the Year

Home Leasing’s Clinton Ave Revitalization has been named Community Impact of the Year in the inaugural Best Real Estate Deals by the Albany Business Review. The Capital Region event celebrates developers with the vision to transform a site or area into something unique, the many professionals who translate that vision into reality, and the dealmakers who bring all the players together.

Completed in 2021, Home Leasing’s Clinton Ave Revitalization project is in the Historic District of Albany’s Arbor Hill/Ten Broeck. Seventy row houses were rehabilitated into 210 affordable housing and mixed-income units, with DePaul providing support services for 40 units. As recent as 2017, more than half of the units were vacant due to physical conditions and 8 of the buildings were condemned. The transformation of these buildings has been a catalyst for more investment into the community.


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