AIA Eastern New York Recognizes Troy Riverfront North Extension Project

American Institute of Architects Eastern NY Chapter has selected the Troy Riverfront North Extension Project to receive the Award of Merit in the Urban Planning category. The annual awards program honors the design accomplishments of its members and emerging professionals.

The project, spanning over 7 years to complete, was the largest infrastructure project in Troy’s history. It included the stabilization of the seawall, the new downtown marina, and Riverfront Park North, all of which were designed and coordinated by the design team.

Due to the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Irene that hit the shores of Troy in 2001, the project retained funds from FEMA, as well as the Department of State. The completed project provides a direct link between Troy’s neighborhoods and the downtown waterfront, giving the community opportunities to explore the City’s waterfront, businesses, and other amenities.

In the end, this well-articulated, accessible, and lit connection has proven to be vital for businesses and residents that reside on either side of the Collar City Bridge since they had been disconnected for numerous decades. Now patrons and visitors no longer need to choose which side of the bridge to visit or park on since anyone can traverse from one side to the other in a safe, tranquil, and compelling way. We are proud to have been recognized locally for this impressive project, that took time and patience to complete.

SWBR provided architectural design services for the project.

The award reception was held on June 14th at the New York State Museum’s Adirondack Hall.

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