Adapt, Reuse, Repurpose

As designers, we see the potential for vacant industrial buildings, abandoned retail spaces, or uninhabited office buildings to serve a new function in the community while preserving its history. As advocates for sustainability, we also love the idea of repurposing existing buildings. Here are some of the trends we see as worth watching.

Affordable Housing

Towns and cities are increasing their commitment to providing affordable housing options. When empty or dilapidated buildings are repurposed into beautifully designed apartments, it brings new life into a neighborhood, preserves its history, and strengthens the community as a place where everyone can succeed.

Community Centers

Traditional malls and plazas once served as thriving gathering places for social interaction and entertainment are seeing a resurgence and reinvention. As a response to consumer trends, developers are finding new uses for these spaces, such as community centers and medical offices.

Workforce Development

Empty manufacturing buildings are being rejuvenated as workforce development centers to help meet the demand for skilled workers – providing the technical training needed to fill employment gaps in today’s workforce.

Adaptive reuse projects can bring life back to an area, financial resources back to the marketplace, and pride back to a neighborhood. The results can be transformational for individuals, families, and communities.

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