Upper Falls Square

This project brings quality affordable housing to Rochester’s Upper Falls neighborhood. It serves DePaul’s mission of improving people’s lives and their community ties by offering clean, safe homes, and an array of supportive services.

At 143,000 SF, it consists of two buildings housing 150 apartment units and amenities; spanning two city blocks, it is one of the largest single developments ever undertaken by DePaul.

Brick, natural stone, and traditional siding materials comfortably place the buildings in their residential surroundings, while still speaking to the area’s urban and commercial fabric. On Hudson Avenue, solid masonry corners reestablish the street edge, but give way around the corner to a generous courtyard – the project’s literal and figurative front yard, underpinning its residential soul. Continuity of form and material lend an overall campus-like quality to the project without diminishing the individual presence of each building, echoing the way DePaul fosters individuality in its clients, while creating a sense of belonging to the community.


  • Size143,000 SF
  • Cost 31M
  • Completion 2018


AIA NYS Excelsior Honor Award Construction Specifications Institute Outstanding Project Award Reshaping Rochester Robert Macon Award for Urban Innovation