Jane and Laurence Glazer Music Performance Center

The Nazareth University Arts Center has been a premier mid-size theater program and venue for world-class music, dance, theatre, and family entertainment in the Rochester region and supports the University’s highly respected music programs. In 2018, the Arts Center expanded through the addition of the Glazer Music Performance Center, which features a 550-seat concert hall with a performance platform sized to accommodate a full orchestra and choir.

The walls of this intimate venue are acoustically transparent partitions with adjustable acoustical curtains behind them, allowing the room to be finely tuned to suit a variety of music and ensemble types. Its acoustical quality has made it a frequent venue for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. The supporting back-of-house spaces include an acoustically-isolated uncasing/rehearsal room for performance preparation and several practice rooms. An attractive courtyard and lobby for small group performances and special outdoor events complete the space.

The new hall showcases the University’s music programs while providing an excellent new concert venue for regional and national musicians. Following the opening of the Glazer Music Performance Center, Nazareth University formally announced its new, accredited School of Music.

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  • Size24,000 SF
  • Cost 15M
  • Completion 2018


Rochester Chapter American Institute of Architects - Design Excellence Awards Construction Specifications Institute – Outstanding Project