Eastman Business Park

Eastman Kodak owned the largest photographic manufacturing facility in the world, employing over 15,000 persons on a complex that spanned 1,300 acres. With the downsizing of the company, Kodak has rebranded what was called Kodak Park, to Eastman Business Park. To insure the rebranding was more than just words, Kodak has been working with SWBR and others on marketing, planning, infrastructure and design projects.

SWBR has been involved in dozens of these unique projects, including renovating its aged theater, landscaping its corporate headquarters entry, preparing land-use and design concepts, preparing test-fits for potential tenants, developing a “Kodak Experience Center” and graphic visualization work.

Eastman Park has since been named a Priority Project by the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council, was chosen as a national site for the development of the photonics industry, has attracted over 60 companies and counts over 5,000 employees.