Rochester Emergency Communications

Rochester’s acclaimed Emergency Communications Department opened it’s newly built, state-of-the-art facilities in 1986 as a way to consolidate services in Monroe County, and now serves 84 different public safety agencies, with 192 employees handling more than 1.2 million calls annually. But technology had changed since 1986, and the Center needed major renovations to continue its exceptional level of service. The experienced team from SWBR was called in.

The project needed to be planned and executed with military precision, as service could not go down at any point during the accelerated 6-week construction schedule. So operations were relocated to a backup facility while the primary operation room and secondary training room were completely overhauled. All communication systems were upgraded, furniture and old acoustic panels replaced, the raised supervisor platform reconfigured, and the entire building repainted and re-carpeted.

Pre-planning and a pre-determined schedule were critical to the success of this time sensitive project. As was communication and collaboration between the County, City and all stakeholders. There is absolutely no room for error when lives are on the line, and there wasn’t.


  • Size3,000 SF
  • Cost 1.5M
  • Completion 2016


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