Construction Administration

Construction Administration plays a critical role in ensuring the success of every project we undertake. With our in-house team present on-site throughout every phase of construction, we closely monitor compliance with construction documents, maintain efficient communication, and promptly address any issues that arise, all while keeping the project on schedule and within budget.

Our team of highly specialized and trained professionals, with a strong construction background, act on behalf of our clients’ needs, offering owner representation during construction and authorizing and approving any changes to the project. We provide a single point of contact for coordination, allowing for quick responses and decision making, and strive to establish positive contractor relationships to address potential issues before they become additional costs.

We also create and maintain logs for RFI, submittal, and change order requests, as well as track all documents throughout construction to expedite proper review.

Our team regularly visits job sites to assess contractor payment applications, produce and distribute Architect’s Supplemental Instructions (ASI), and collect and review third-party inspection reports. We also generate a photograph report of job progress and thoroughly document closeout documents, including preparing substantial completion documents and issuing G704 Certificates of Substantial Completion.

Done well, construction administration eliminates the need for added fees for rework during construction. Through our continual communication and project updates, we ensure that all team members stay involved with the project process and remain focused on achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Construction Administration offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Timely reviews of Review Request for Information (RFI)
  • Submittal review of product data and shop drawings
  • Cost justification Review Change Orders
  • Create RFI, Submittal & COR logs through Construction Administration platform
  • Maintain a tracking system for all documents throughout construction
  • Process construction documents to expedite the proper review
  • Create and distribute Punch List, verify their completion
  • Make regular job site visits throughout construction
  • Asses the contractors Payment Applications
  • Produce and distribute ASI
  • Collect and review third party inspection reports
  • Create and issue G704 Certificate of Substantial Completion
  • Generate a photograph report of job progress
  • Thoroughly document close out documents
  • Verify and prepare substantial completion documents
  • Owner representation during construction and advise accordingly
  • Other administrative services per client agreement