Johnson Park Green Community Apartments

Ideally situated around the Johnson Park Center Green in Utica, New York, the new development consists of three residential buildings and one community building for residents and the surrounding Utica community. The project, designed to meet Passive House standards, achieved PHIUS precertification in 2023.

With a 62-unit mix of duplex/townhome, garden, and loaded corridor apartment style housing, Johnson Park Green Community will have a space for every type of occupant and household, particularly community members living below area median income. The project will also include supportive units for vulnerable seniors.

The buildings will utilize similar thermal envelope components and mechanical systems but will highlight the specific application of these standardized and prefabricated systems to varying building/housing typologies. This approach and process will serve useful for future projects looking to successfully achieve Passive House certification standards to a variety of building types while adhering to cost constraints. The project will serve as a Passive House tool kit for inner-city medium-density affordable housing development.


  • Size72,000 SF
  • Completion 2024