Irondequoit Community Center

The adaptive reuse of the long-abandoned Irondequoit Mall transformed the space into a much-needed Community Center. The design teams’ program was developed through community feedback, benchmarking, and user group meetings. The center’s layout coordinates town needs and future development of the remaining mall space. It is now a vibrant, active, and safe environment for engagement, education, wellness, and recreation.

The space consists of a lounge, teen activity room, kitchen and cafeteria, gymnasium, turf play area, walking track, fitness, group exercise, “tot drop,” pre-k classroom, community rooms and more. The skylight’s position and structure created visual and auditory hurdles. To address this, walls were treated with acoustical wallcovering, panels, and a wood acoustical perimeter. Skylight window film was used to reduce glare, and wall-mounted lighting illuminates the space.

The aesthetic blends recreation and hospitality with blues, greens and neutrals. High ceilings, light-colored walls, natural wood, and stone elements provide a warmth and comfort in a bright and inviting environment. Expansive interior views are achieved through an open floorplan, glass partitions, and transparent and translucent openings. Photography highlighting the town and its history can be found throughout.


  • Size42,000 SF
  • Cost 10M
  • Completion 2021


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