Hutchison Hall and Petrenko Lab Renovations

SWBR was selected to complete several small laboratory renovations at the University of Rochester.

The Hutchison Hall labs included renovating existing laboratories and updating them for a new laboratory function, removing all asbestos containing materials, upgrading finishes and lighting, as well as, replacing metal casework, countertops and fume hoods in order to conduct lab work safely and efficiently.

The Petrenko lab was specifically designed for earth science research. This renovation included two spaces. One lab space was for storage and sampling of ice core samples and the other lab space was for testing and data gathering from the ice core samples. The testing/data gathering lab space included installation of a Liebert unit and cleanroom ceiling grid for a tightly controlled environment in terms of humidity and temperature.

Additionally, both spaces included installation of an overhead uni-strut grid which enabled the flexibility to run tubing or cabling overhead to different locations in the lab.


  • Cost 331K
  • Completion 2012