Golisano Autism Center

In 2015, representatives from Autism Up, CP Rochester, and Al Sigl Community of Agencies recognized the need to consolidate autism support services in Rochester. With a grant from The Golisano Foundation and successful fundraising campaign, the idea for the Golisano Autism Center was born, and SWBR was brought in to make the vision a reality.

The center is a one-of-a-kind collaboration of health and human service agencies providing speech and occupational therapy, preschool and school-age classrooms, vocational training, and life skills development. Sensory sensitivity factored heavily into the design, including specific acoustic and visual considerations. Subtle colors and finishes help students from being distracted while assisting with wayfinding. The 6,000 SF Multisensory Learning Environment includes a sensory therapy area, foam pit and floor recessed trampoline, fitness area, modified basketball court, climbing wall, and area for performance stage.

“Given the importance of this project, the SWBR team was humbled to be selected as designer of The Golisano Autism Center,” said Design Director Rob Simonetti, AIA. “We have taken this project to heart and were passionate about creating a supportive, unique, and fun environment for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.”


  • Size32,350 SF
  • Cost 9.5M
  • Completion 2019