Charlotte Square on the Loop

The third phase of Charlotte Square extends the rental product to include affordable, mixed income living. The design includes 50 studio, one and two bedroom units in a compact site on the corner of Union and Charlotte Streets.

This is one of the parcels that was awarded by the City of Rochester as part of the Inner loop infill project; essentially abandoning an underutilized section of the inner loop streetway and creating developable land again for buildings.

Similar to the Phase Two Townhouses, the design lines both Charlotte and Union Street with Townhouse style apartments with front door porches at every entry. The community room is placed at the corner with large storefront windows to create a more active streetscape. The ground level was pushed slightly into the site to allow larger sidewalks along the streets for people to sit and gather.

Building amenities include Community Room, Fitness Center, indoor bike storage, and children’s playground.


  • Size47,000 SF
  • Cost 8.4M
  • Completion 2019