Daniel Glading AIA

Senior Project Architect

“Advances in digital imaging and measuring, virtual reality, and manufacturing and fabrication are expanding how we can visualize our designs and how we put buildings together. I’m excited at the prospect of projects being built faster and more efficiently, with fewer negative surprises.”

Dan is passionate about finding the right solution to each design challenge by incorporating great functionality and efficient use of resources while being visually compelling. He is responsible for leading the design process and team oversight, with a focus on multi-family and supportive housing and urban design. His extensive portfolio includes the innovative and award-winning Rochester View Apartments for DePaul. A creative and thoughtful designer, Dan takes the time to listen to his clients’ wants and needs in order find the best and balanced design solution.

An avid supporter of sustainability, Dan frequently bikes to work and he and his wife recently made the investment in solar energy for their home.