Commitment. Collaboration. Longevity.


SWBR is a different kind of design firm. We are a studio environment with a genuine ongoing passion for discovery and an unwavering belief that great design changes people’s lives for the better.

We strive to make our work fun, enjoyable and rewarding. This, coupled with our personal commitment to remain connected to every project we create, means you will always get our best.

Sustainable Design

We believe sustainable design is smart, integrated design. It’s not only good for the environment, it’s good for our clients, our community and our future.

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A group of us had an opportunity to raise money to aid the fight against heart disease and stroke. We enjoyed seeing each other outside the office to participate in a fun and healthy activity. It was a win-win for all of us.

Mark Maddalina

Principal and Sustainability Design Director


Meaningful participation in the larger community has always been a priority for the firm. SWBR employees give back to our community by actively participating on local planning boards, volunteering at local events and charities that raise money for cancer research, the Heart Association, United Way, Golisano Children’s Hospital, YMCA of Greater Rochester’s Invest in Youth Campaign and many more. Several of our employees also offer design critiques for architectural programs like Alfred State and the Rochester Institute of Technology.


When you hire SWBR, you get talented leaders and designers — and so much more.

Structural engineers, interior designers and landscape architects are all a part of your SWBR team. Even graphic experts and wayfinding designers. This multidisciplinary approach — one SWBR has been implementing for over 45 years — allows us to innovate and design projects very well.

In addition to our broad range of in-house capabilities, we also excel at collaboration. SWBR has a long history of partnering with other architects and consultant specialists. It is all part of SWBR’s commitment to design excellence and client service.

Design Philosophy

Our core belief is that architecture and place-making matter, as much today as ever before. We believe that great buildings and spaces can inspire, influence and enhance the lives of their users and the community. Spaces for learning, for socializing, for work, contemplative spaces, and spaces to live and grow old in, must contribute to the positive qualities of life, productivity, and happiness of their occupants.

Our understanding of architecture and the environment compels us to appreciate and study contextual character, which then influences our design solutions for buildings and places. In turn, this informs the dialogue between the vernacular and the innovative. All of our designs incorporate sustainable design strategies and techniques, contributing to the sensitive, thought-provoking and award-winning design that has characterized our work for more than 45 years. Internally, we work in open design studios with collaborative team structures, allowing all staff to contribute value and enhance our strengths and design sensitivities. In partnership with our clients, consultants, and extended design team members, we work as facilitators and collaborators, leading the design process and maintaining a clear project vision. With Interior, Structural and Site Design services in-house, we are able to coordinate and control design elements, and provide integrated delivery for each project.