Wedgepoint Apartments

Wedgepoint Apartments is a 60 unit affordable housing project in the South Wedge Neighborhood of Rochester N.Y. Designed with social equity in mind, Wedgepoint achieves a healthy density through maximizing social, economic and cultural interactions.

The design team engaged with the developer and neighborhood committees by having working sessions to discuss the framework for an inclusive design process. It was important to all that this project not be closed off from the neighborhood.

The main residential entry is framed by a bridge on the 3rd and 4th level that connects the two buildings. The bridge allowed an exterior connection to the courtyard at the ground level. Walk up units on the first floor line the courtyard and provide security for the children on the playground as well as a pleasant view. An outdoor terrace on the 4th level provides planters for a resident food grow program. The terrace faces south with a strong visual connection to the courtyard below and grander views of the South Wedge Neighborhood in the distance. These design moves are meant to create positive social interactions.


  • Size73,000 SF
  • Cost 11.5M
  • Completion 2017


Rochester Chapter AIA Design Excellence Award AIA NYS Excelsior Honor Award