Office Renovation

Having outgrown their corporate office in downtown Rochester, M/E Engineering relocated into a spacious building near the Erie Canal. The walkable paths and pavilion space for company-wide activities align well with their fun and collaborative culture. SWBR worked with M/E to renovate the space into a comfortable and modern environment.

The entry lobby was reconstructed with a new reception desk, client-interfacing conference rooms, and accessible single-use bathrooms. The primary office areas were opened to allow for collaborative workstations, and new offices and conference spaces were added along the perimeter. The finish and material colors embody the firm’s brand and logo. The spacious café space was created by coring out a new interconnecting stair from the first floor to the basement. The custom stair rail system allows for an open interior design. The new employee entrance, designed to improve flow and efficiency, includes specialty light fixtures.

“The new office environment is inspiring. The well-designed open spaces allow for more collaboration and comradery with my peers,” Michael J. Riola, M/E Engineering.


  • Size22,000 SF
  • Cost 1.3M
  • Completion 2019